Frequently asked questions

What are grading systems? How does it affect what I buy?

Ontaria Mobile use grading systems to determine the class of the phone, and we split them into three cateogries, A, B and C. A is excellent condition, B is good condition and C is average condition. You can check our grading page for more information. We ask you to bear in mind what grade you are looking to purchase and also ask polietly that you expect the phone to be in the condition you bought. For example, if you purchased a grade C phone, you may possibly ecpect scratches to the casing or screen. We do always make sure that our phones are in a good enough useable condition for our customers. For more information, please email us.

How do I leave feedback?

Please feel free to send us an email with your experience, whatever that may be, although we hope it is positive. You may be sent an email after one of your purchases, giving you the opportunity to answer some questions. You don't have to, but we appreciate any feedback, to help us improve.

What if I want to change my order?

How do I contact Ontaria Mobile for support?

There are three email addresses which are used at Ontaria Mobile. admin@ontariamobile.co.uk can be used for any issues such as returning an item, feedback, or website issues. questions@ontariamobile.co.uk can be used for any question you have relating to our business ontariamobile@gmail.com can be used to request a call back from us at a certain date and time. We will confirm with you via email your request.

How do I return my order?

We will do everything we can to satisfy our customers, so please do contact us before filling in the return form to see if we can assist you with any questions you may have. We have a really simple, and easy to follow return policy. Please click on the return policy form and fill all of the questions in accordingly and return it to us via email on admin@ontariamobile.co.uk with a reason and proof of purchase.

What are the steps to place an order?

We have a really simple process into placing orders on our website! After you have decided which second-hand item you would like to purchase, add to your cart or hit 'buy now' and follow the simple on screen instructions.

What is a request? How do I make one?

We havve given you the opportunity for you to ask us for 'special requests'. These can be any electronic devices or accessories. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure your request, we can guarantee that we will do our absoloute best to find your request, including grade, type, colour, and storage option. We will never process your order without confirming everything with you first. The Request Process should take a minimum of 24 hours, although, we want to get the best deal for you so the wait times may take longer! For more information, please email us today on questions@ontariamobile.co.uk

What does Ontaria Mobile sell?

Ontaira Mobile sells second hand electronical devices, such as phones and tablets, and they are all categorised into our grading system (more information can be found on the grading pages). Although second-hand, we make sure that the items we sell are of a high enough quality and pass our Ontaria Mobile tests to sell to you, our great customers. We also sell BRAND NEW mobile accessories, such as phone cases and screen savers. For more information, please email us.